All About Dinosaurs: Sets 1 ? 3

Dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures?from the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Pteranodon to the Allosaurus and Velociraptor?have always fascinated young readers. They provide a high-interest lens through which elementary learners can discover essential science concepts, such as predator-prey relationships, habitats, and physical adaptations. As readers explore the age-appropriate main text and fascinating fact boxes, they become prehistoric experts, discovering a wealth of information about what these creatures ate, where they lived, and what they looked like. In addition, colorful illustrations show these creatures?and the world in which they lived?in captivating detail.

Key Features of Each Volume:
• Diagrams and other illustrations that are clearly labeled to help readers visualize the creatures and concepts they're learning about
• Clear and concise text that helps explain complex concepts for readers at a variety of skill levels
• Drawing activities that encourage readers to think creatively about this topic

Library Set List: $314.76 / S&L: $251.76

Reading Level: 2

Interest Level: 1-3

Product type: Library Set
ISBN: 978-1-5345-3902-0
Copyright: 2022
Language: English

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