All About Dinosaurs: Set 3

Dinosaurs are so different than any animals we see around us that they continue to hold a deep fascination for all. This eye-catching series is aimed at young dinosaur enthusiasts and has all the information they need to become experts. The volumes, which focus on Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Iguanodon, and Pteranodon, are impressively designed, highlighting the characteristics of each reptile. Helpful labels, useful maps, and easy-to-read tables emphasize and reinforce dinosaur facts, such as size, habitat, and behavior. Each book is sure to keep the attention of budding paleontologists!

• The end of each volume features an engaging activity featuring the prehistoric world
• Pronunciations accompany challenging, need-to-know words
• Series includes pictures of fossils as well as exciting, realistic images of what each creature likely looked like

Library Set List: $104.92 / S&L: $83.92

Reading Level: 2

Interest Level: 1-3

Product type: Library Set
ISBN: 978-1-5345-3901-3
Copyright: 2022
Language: English