Feeling Afraid

Young readers explore the complex feeling of fear in this age-appropriate and accessible volume. They meet the colorful character Agent Afraid, who displays fearful emotions throughout the relatable main text. Readers are able to connect with the material easily and pinpoint things that cause their own feelings of fear. Through recognizing these feelings, they also learn ways to navigate them to help them feel safe and secure. The dazzling comic book style, cute illustrations, and full-color photographs engage readers as they learn more about this challenging emotion and how to handle feelings of fear and anxiety in a healthy way.

Library Bound Book List: $24.60 / S&L: $19.68
eBook List: $24.60 / S&L: $19.68

Reading Level: 1-2

Product type: Library Bound Book
ISBN: 978-1-5345-2683-9
Copyright: 2019
Language: English