Readers go on a journey through the human body with Dr. Seymour Skinless as he goes under the skin to investigate the circulatory system. Adventurous readers learn about how blood is pumped throughout the body, how the heart beats, and other interesting facts about how the human body works. Simplified language throughout makes this complex science curriculum topic easier to understand. A detailed glossary, useful fact boxes, helpful diagrams, fun illustrations, and full-color photographs provide further information about the circulatory system.

Library Bound Book List: $27.25 / S&L: $21.80
eBook List: $27.25 / S&L: $21.80

Reading Level: 4-5

Interest Level: 4-6

Product type: Library Bound Book
ISBN: 978-1-5345-3590-9
Copyright: 2021
Language: English
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