World History (Fall 2019)

The events shaping the world today—from royal weddings
to technological advances—have their roots in things that happened long ago.
Discovering the past is often the key to understanding the present and building
a better future, and that's exactly what readers are inspired to do as they
explore fascinating world history topics. These topics—as varied as space
exploration and North Korea—are described in comprehensive detail through
informative main text, helpful timelines, and well-researched sidebars. In
addition, historical and contemporary photographs, including primary source
images, add an exciting visual element to this essential reading

• Quotations from historical figures and contemporary historians
provide unique perspectives and are cited to provide resources for further

• Objective texts present a balanced view of controversial
historical events, such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Vietnam War,
to strengthen critical thinking skills

• Topics supplement what students
learn in history classes and what they see on the news to help them make
meaningful connections between the past and present

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