What's the Issue?: Set 8

Young people today have more access to information about current events than ever before. As such, they often have more questions about the world around them. What's censorship? What's war? Who are environmental activists? These are just a few of the questions readers discover the answers to with the help of age-appropriate text. Helpful graphic organizers and full-color photographs guide readers through these explorations of timely topics. With a strong focus on facts rather than fear or sensationalism, each volume is objectively presented to allow readers to form their own opinions.

Key Features of Each Volume:
• Graphic organizers that present ideas for ways readers can become more involved with each issue, from raising money and raising awareness to practicing acts of kindness and protecting the planet in achievable ways
• Relevant social studies and science content that allows readers to make connections between what they learn in the classroom and current events
• Fact boxes that help readers think critically about issues they see on the news or online and back up their opinions with relevant data

Library Set List: $157.38 / S&L: $125.88

Reading Level: 3

Interest Level: 3-5

Product type: Library Set
ISBN: 978-1-5345-4382-9
Copyright: 2023
Language: English

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