Under the Microscope

Microscopes are scientific instruments often used to
look at very small organisms, such as bacteria, fungi, and parasites, as well as
viruses. While many people are aware of the dangerous forms of these organisms
and viruses, there are helpful kinds too. Readers get an up-close look at what
they can find under the microscope, enhancing their science knowledge in the
process. In addition to the accessible and age-appropriate narratives,
eye-catching fact boxes, detailed glossaries, and bright, full-color photographs
help readers find the fun in this essential science curriculum topic.

Engaging design and fresh spin on a familiar science concept introduce readers
to the important skill of using a microscope in a creative way

• Encourages
young readers to think critically about nature as they examine the benefits and
dangers of microscopic creatures

• Relatable texts helps readers see how
science is an active part of the world around them

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Interest Level: 2-5

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