People in the News: Set 4

Readers take a deep dive behind the headlines in this
exciting look into the lives of some of today's most popular newsmakers.
Covering a variety of interests?from politics and pop music to acting and
activism?these biographies appeal to a wide range of readers and feature
fascinating facts that encourage young adults to look for the truth when
examining a person's public image. These facts are presented through engaging
main text, informative sidebars, and helpful timelines. Full-color photographs
of some of the world's most famous faces?including Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, and
Justin Timberlake?enhance this reading experience.

• Annotated quotes from
these famous figures and those who know them best provide a first-person
perspective and encourage further research

• Comprehensive text fosters the
development of critical thinking skills by giving readers a nuanced portrait of
the person behind the persona

• Detailed references to recent projects and
hints at future endeavors provide readers with the most recent information
available about each subject

Library Set List: $205.15 / S&L: $164.10

Reading Level: 7

Interest Level: 7-10

Product type: Library Set
ISBN: 978-1-5345-6855-6
Copyright: 2020
Language: English