Hot Topics (Spring 2020)

In recent years, young adults have become increasingly
active in politics and the fight for social justice, which makes it all the more
critical to give them factual information about today's important issues. Having
a thorough understanding of topics such as sustainable living, student rights,
and violence in sports is the first step toward becoming an informed and active
citizen. This engaging overview of current events helps readers develop that
understanding through informative texts that feature annotated quotes from
experts. Graphs and charts give readers the most up-to-date data, and full-color
photographs show the reality of each issue.

• Discussion questions facilitate
respectful debates and allow readers to develop their own informed point of

• Carefully chosen sidebars present a more in-depth look at various
aspects of each topic

• Unbiased texts present all sides of controversial
debates, helping readers learn to understand and respect different points of

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Interest Level: 7-10

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