Hot Topics: Set 6

In the 21st century, it seems as if there is much to
fear. Topics such as gang violence, terrorism, and the spread of deadly diseases
are frequently on people's minds. News sources and social media tend to
sensationalize these topics, obscuring facts and causing greater anxiety. As
readers discover the truth about these issues and learn what measures can be
taken to solve them, they discover that knowledge is powerful in the face of
frightening or controversial topics. Engaging sidebars and detailed charts and
graphs are presented alongside the well-researched main text to provide accurate
information about current events.

• Discussion questions encourage readers to
form their own opinions

• Annotated quotes from experts and eye-catching
quote boxes provide a first-person perspective and highlight avenues for further

• Lists of organizations to contact for more information provide
essential resources for readers looking to become more involved in

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