Hot Topics: Set 5

Adolescence is a time when people begin to take notice of the world around them, making it a crucial time to introduce young adults to debates such as those surrounding genetic engineering and freedom of speech on the internet. As readers learn about these global issues, they are also introduced to topics that have a direct impact on their lives?for instance, what to do when they are offered alcohol and how to identify and avoid abusive relationships. These topics are presented though fact-filled text, including informative sidebars. Full-color photographs and charts help make these complex issues easier to understand.
? Annotated quotes and relevant statistics give readers the tools to develop informed opinions on a variety of topics
? Unbiased text presents all sides of controversial debates, helping readers learn to understand and respect different points of view
? Discussion questions and lists of organizations to contact for further information encourage readers to apply what they have learned to the world around them

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Reading Level: 7

Interest Level: 7-10

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