Global Viewpoints (Spring 2020)

As technology makes the world more accessible, students
need exposure to social, political, environmental, and health issues of global
significance. Each anthology delivers contemporary views on the featured issue
with much of the material reflecting stances of countries other than the United
States. Primary sources, including speeches and government documents, join
essays from international magazines and news sources for a truly panoramic

• Viewpoints selected from publications and sources around the world
offer students a global perspective on pressing issues

• Critical-thinking
questions guide students in continued consideration and analysis of the

• Thematic chapters simplify and summarize key aspects of topics into
comprehensible information

Single Copy Set List: $190.20 / S&L: $152.16

Reading Level: 10-12+

Interest Level: 9-12+

Product type: Single Copy Set
ISBN: 978-1-5345-0677-0
Copyright: 2020
Language: English