Diseases and Disorders: Sets 1 – 5

Physical health problems such as a broken arm or the flu
have visible symptoms, but disorders that affect the brain are generally
invisible. This contributes to persistent myths and misinformation about
learning disorders, eating disorders, mood disorders, and other mental health
issues. Readers develop a better understanding of mental and physical health
problems through relevant statistics, informative sidebars, detailed
photographs, and up-to-date charts and diagrams. With this information, readers
are better equipped to assess their own health and support people they know who
are dealing with various diseases and disorders.

• Carefully selected topics
focus on health concerns that affect young adults and their families, including
anxiety, skin disorders, and addiction

• Annotated quotes from medical
experts and those affected by medical conditions give readers important facts as
well as personal details about living with illnesses that people often do not

• Lists of organizations to contact for more information and
support provide readers with additional resources to help themselves or someone
they know who is sick

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